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Creating a profile in ActivInspire

Use this five-step guide to create and customise your ActivInspire profile so you can use it exactly the way you want in the staffroom and classroom. Please add a comment here if you have any questions! Advertisements

ActivInspire Magic Ink and Magic Erasers

Looking for new ways to engage your students using ActivInspire?  This short video shows you how to add Magic Ink to a flipchart, allowing you to hide and reveal text and images:   Thanks to Lucy Widdowson for finding this! YouTube and Promethean Planet have hundreds of great videos that should inspire even the most jaded … Continue reading

Feeling inspired?

BC Hong Kong has now made the leap from ancient ActivStudio to ActivInspire, the new Interactive Whiteboard software from Promethean. For a collection of short tutorials accessible from work or home, register for a free Promethean course, Introduction to ActivInspire. It has two options – Primary for those of you teaching VYL to UP and Studio for JS to Adult.  The course is well … Continue reading

Phonemic script at the touch of a button

Ever wanted to add phonemic script to a document or flipchart? These free online tools are all useful ways to do it: Script Typewriter 1.6 Phonetizer PhoTransEdit Make sure you use a Unicode font in your document. Lucida Unicode is good, and a standard font in Microsoft Office.


Not a sign in a butcher’s shop as you might expect – though every bit as badly punctuated –  TodaysMeet is a great free online chat tool that can liven up any lesson. Text-based communication can help draw out contributions from quieter students who prefer expressing themselves in writing, and it can help all learners reflect … Continue reading

Coming soon – ActivInspire

BC Hong Kong will soon be switching from ancient ActivStudio to ActivInspire, the new Interactive Whiteboard software from Promethean. Don’t worry – all the resources you’ve created using ActivStudio will run using ActivInspire. For a collection of short tutorials accessible from work or home, register for a free Promethean course, Introduction to ActivInspire. It has … Continue reading

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