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Cyberbullying: Hazard or Hype?

Find out more about cyberbullying and inform your students using this infographic, courtesy of educational consultant Nik Peachey.  Do you agree that gender differences are significant?  Do you think these statistics would be the same where you live? Is cyberbullying simply plain old bullying using digital means, or can it have a much deeper negative … Continue reading

Cyberbullying – Let’s Fight It Together

Safer Children in a Digital World reported on the nature and effects of cyberbulling.  This powerful video produced by Childnet and the now-defunct Department for Children, Schools and Families shows: some of the differences between cyberbullying and conventional bullying the effects of cyberbullying on the person being bullied how technology is used – abused – in … Continue reading

Safer Children in a Digital World

Published in 2008 but still relevant today, Safer Children in a Digital World is an in-depth report exploring how the internet and video games can affect young people. It looks at: the things that children can see or experience on the internet and in video games that may affect them – including extreme violence in games … Continue reading

Combating cyberbullying

One way to combat cyberbullying is to preempt it by addressing it in the classroom. In this excellent video by Teachers’ TV, there are some very good practical examples of how raising awareness of cyberbullying can be integrated into the curriculum: trying cyberbullies in a mock classroom court getting students to write and then act out … Continue reading

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