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Poetry in motion

If your teenage students are anything like mine, they’re highly visual learners who enjoy using social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram in their free time, yet often balk at the thought of writing anything in English, let alone a poem.

If they’re motivated and keen writers, they’ll love this too, so read on.

Quipio, a free app available for iPad and iPhone, is a great tool that allows students to combine copyright-friendly images or photos of their own with short texts that they have composed.

I’m planning to use it to get my teenage students to write acrostic poems about the things they’re interested in, so I’ve made this example about my favourite sport:


There are thousands of ways to edit the photo and present the text, and I’m confident my students can come up with something more creative and better looking than this!

Once students have saved their Quipio acrostic poems to the camera roll, their classmates can use another free app, Skitch – this one’s available on all mobile and tablet platforms – to provide feedback on them.  In this example, I’ve used different colours to highlight the different linguistic devices I’ve used:


By repurposing and combining these two free apps, neither of which were originally designed for ELT, I’m confident I can get my teenage students not only writing, but also appreciating each other’s writing and the range of linguistic devices used.

Thanks to Teacher Development Consultant Jon Parnham coming up with the idea of using Quipio in such an innovative way!


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