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Padlet for creativity and collaboration

Formerly known as Wallwisher but recently relaunched in a new iPad-friendly format, Padlet is a great tool for developing creativity and collaboration in your Primary, Secondary or Adult ELT classroom.

Using the web browser – and from next month, an iPad app – students can visit a shared wall and add ideas for the whole class to read:


It also allows for real-time collaboration:


Once ideas are up there, they can be edited or moved around the wall.  Students can add hyperlinks and multimedia too.

How can we exploit Padlet to support teaching and learning?  So far, ideas include:

  • collaborative creative writing where different students or groups are responsible for a different part of the text
  • brainstorming ideas before listening to a recording or reading a text.

I’m sure you can think of more creative uses of Padlet – please share them on our Padlet wall.  Check to see what other people have added!


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