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Cyber well-being

Safer Children in a Digital World

Published in 2008 but still relevant today, Safer Children in a Digital World is an in-depth report exploring how the internet and video games can affect young people.

Safer Children in a Digital World

It looks at:

  • the things that children can see or experience on the internet and in video games that may affect them – including extreme violence in games and cyberbullying
  • research about how children and young people can be affected by violent games and cyberbullying
  • how children and parents can make sure children are safe online or when gaming.

Even though the digital world has moved on since 2008, the conclusions of the report can still inform what we do in 2013.  One key message from the report is that children need guidance – not protection:

“Kids don’t need protection – we need guidance. If you protect us you are making us weaker – we don’t go through all the trial and error necessary to learn what we need to survive on our own … don’t fight our battles for us just give us assistance when we need it.”

In other words, instead of simply restricting access to digital media, we need to educate children about safety online, raise awareness of digital rights and responsibilities, and discuss issues with them.  For suggestions on how to do this, check out our post about Combating cyberbullying.

Byron progress report

How do you feel about the report?  Do you agree with its findings?  Is anything missing?


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