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Cyber well-being

Combating cyberbullying

One way to combat cyberbullying is to preempt it by addressing it in the classroom.

In this excellent video by Teachers’ TV, there are some very good practical examples of how raising awareness of cyberbullying can be integrated into the curriculum:

  • trying cyberbullies in a mock classroom court
  • getting students to write and then act out different cyberbullying scenarios
  • giving presentations to parents or the whole school
  • having class and group discussions about rights and responsibilities online


Could any of these activities work in your Primary or Secondary classes?

In each activity, students develop the “twenty-first century” skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.  How would you adapt them for an ELT context and use them to develop students’ language skills as well?

There are also three short student-generated videos to introduce different aspects of cyberbullying:

Could you use any of these videos in your teaching context?  Could you create your own?

Please share any other teaching ideas to raise awareness of cyberbullying in the classroom.


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