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Evaluation of the BBC CBeebies website

BBC CBeebies – Story Time – http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/stories/Image

As another member of the Learning Technologies course, I am sharing my thoughts on the BBC CBeebies website, specially the Story Time part of the website. Due to teaching a lot of young learners at the moment, this website seemed the most appropriate.  It can be a little slow to load at times and some stories simply were not working when I used it.

I really like the website, in general, and there is a wealth of material to look through. Stories are separated by theme and usually have a video with subtitles to accompany the story.

Accuracy & Acceptance Has both modern and old stories. 
Authority & Coverage The BBC is a well-respected organisation and therefore trustworthy when it comes to its content for children. From what I could find out, the stories are all read out by people with British accents. Maybe a little biased towards UK audiences but they also have stories and tales from the rest of the world. 
Audience & Relevance Aimed specifically at young children. The website is colourful, easy-to-navigate, and interactive. Definitely qualities that appeal to children. 
Educational Focus Has a lot of stories but there doesn’t seem to be any specific educational focus. 
Ease of use Very easy to navigate and use. Stories are sorted by theme, A-Z, and BBC show. As mentioned before, many of the stories are very slow to load. 

I have already used this website in a young learner lesson and it worked well. I chose a story that was relevant to the current class topic and designed my own tasks to fit the lesson aims. The children seemed to enjoy the activity and story.



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