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Website Evaluation: Video Jug

As a participant on the Teaching English Learning Technologies course, I’ve been asked to share a web site that I thought could be potentially useful for the classroom.

I decided to try out a site called Video Jug. This is the first time I’ve come across this site – it’s very useful for the classroom, but also for personal use. A variety of topics on everyday tasks with entertaining ‘How to’ videos. Below is a summary:

Accuracy & Acceptance The information is accurate according to the video maker – therefore we should be careful in how much we believe. For example, ‘How to be good at dating’ – this is rather subjective!

The content is quite up-to-date – lots of relevant topics for adults and secondary learners.

In terms of accuracy, there are ‘slip-ups’ and the videos are not highly edited but that’s the benefit of authentic examples (it’s natural in everyday English!)

Authority & Coverage Many, many videos – a variety of topics (from spring salmon to how not to get your arm caught in bed).

Lots of advertising on this site – will need to be careful with secondary learners.

Audience & Relevance The site seems to specifically be aimed more towards adults – some of the topics are not suitable for teens such as ‘physical dating.’

The videos are easy to follow for a native speaker – most of them are instructional guides, so would be a good example for learners before they do a presentation (e.g. recipes).

Educational Focus There is not a direct English language educational focus – the website is designed to show people at home how to do everyday tasks. You may learn some new skills from watching the videos.

Teachers will need to decide how they can exploit the videos for class use.

Ease of use Quite easy to use – you can search for specific topics and also browse under topic headings.

However there are a lot of advertising links on each page and also before you watch a clip an advertisement is shown – this can be quite off-putting.

Right, now off to watch ‘How to use your eyelash curlers for gorgeous lashes’ (yes, under the Men’s section!)




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