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If you’ve enjoyed using Samorost with your students, why not try Machinarium, another innovative and beautifully animated offering from Czech developers Amanita Design?   Machinarium is available as an Android or iPad app and as a paid download for Mac and PC, but you can get quite a lot of mileage out of the free version in … Continue reading

Digital Play and game-based learning

Can games have educational value?  For Kyle Mawer and Graham Stanley, teachers at British Council Barcelona and authors of the ELTon-winning Digital Play blog, games are a natural and centuries-old way of learning that make the whole process more productive and pleasurable – and make learners more flexible, creative and resilient.   Computer games dominate our … Continue reading


Do you reckon you could get by in the US as a single parent on USD1000 a month?  In Spent, the developers have used elements common to “social” games such as Mafia Wars and FarmVille to help raise awareness of inequality, homelessness, and poverty in the richest country in the world.   Besides raising students’ awareness of economic, … Continue reading


If you’ve enjoyed using The Curfew and Climate Challenge with your students – or even playing them yourself – here’s another great game from Channel 4 and Littleloud that aims to raise awareness of social and political issues.   In Sweatshop, you take on the role of a middle manager in a factory that supplies clothes to retailers in … Continue reading

LearnEnglish Teens

If you’ve ever wondered how Easter eggs are made – or if you’re looking for new ways to motivate and engage your teenage students – then check out the egg-cellent LearnEnglish Teens. Developed by BC Hong Kong’s very own Jonathan Rickard and the British Council LearnEnglish team, LearnEnglish Teens is full of ideas for you to use … Continue reading


For Jamie Keddie, the secret to good language teaching is the same as in cooking – excellent ingredients, or in other words, materials that inspire, engage and motivate students.  He recommends this unusual spaghetti dish as an example: Today, YouTube and other web-based resources give us unprecedented access to often high quality, authentic materials – but … Continue reading

Evaluation of the BBC CBeebies website

BBC CBeebies – Story Time – http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/stories/ As another member of the Learning Technologies course, I am sharing my thoughts on the BBC CBeebies website, specially the Story Time part of the website. Due to teaching a lot of young learners at the moment, this website seemed the most appropriate.  It can be a little slow … Continue reading

Website Evaluation: Video Jug

As a participant on the Teaching English Learning Technologies course, I’ve been asked to share a web site that I thought could be potentially useful for the classroom. I decided to try out a site called Video Jug. This is the first time I’ve come across this site – it’s very useful for the classroom, but also for … Continue reading

Website review: BBC Learning English

As part of the TeachingEnglish Learning Technologies for the Classroom course, participants have been asked to post their evaluation of one website on the BC Hong Kong Blog. Below is a my screencast evaluation of the BBC Learning English site. Overall I think it is an excellent site, although better suited for high-level learners. I … Continue reading