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Popplet and critical thinking

Last term I used Popplet to help my S5I students develop their critical thinking and collaboration skills while planning and delivering short presentations about the environment.



Students brainstormed ideas about environmental issues in Hong Kong using the Six Thinking Hats.  They then worked together to create a mind map using Popplet and colour-coded their ideas according to the type of thinking they represented.

Students then used their Popplets to structure short individual presentations.  When presenting to other members of the group, the Popplet served as a note card.

To extend the task, students used another app, Sonic Pics, to record their presentations and upload them to our class wiki.  Students gave each other feedback before the next lesson.

I found that some of the benefits of using Popplet were that students:

  • could use images, as well as text, to represent ideas in their presentations
  • could become more familiar with the Six Thinking Hats approach by using colour to represent the different types of thinking
  • were more willing to peer-edit each other’s ideas within a group
  • could focus on accuracy when editing text
  • could organise their ideas better by moving the “popples” around
  • collaborated very effectively in groups to create a Popplet on one iPad, using English
  • gave their presentations using notes – from the Popplet – rather than writing the text out in full

I was able to document what students had created, measure their progress, and assess the final product – the presentation – after the lesson.  I also had a record of the planning stage as I had saved each Popplet.

To find out more about what I did, check out this lesson plan.

Popplet has all kinds of uses in the classroom.  How have you used it?


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