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Puppet Pals for storytelling

Learning technologies expert Matt Drew and I used Puppet Pals to help Matt’s UP students develop their creativity and collaboration skills while writing, narrating and performing the ending to LearnEnglish Kids classic The Princess and the Dragon.

I really enjoyed using Puppet Pals and the students did too.  Some of our findings from the lesson include:

  • using an engaging story is crucial
  • the tasks on the LE Kids website supported learning
  • getting students to “notice” past simple forms aided accuracy in writing
  • providing a live model of an ending worked well
  • students benefited from being allowed to “play” with Puppet Pals to find out what the app would allow them to do
  • students produced a lot of English when negotiating roles and discussing content
  • storyboarding is crucial to assign roles and aid organisation
  • students took great care over the accuracy and content of their work
  • students valued the opportunity to peer-assess and praise each other’s work at the end
  • students enjoyed comparing their endings with the “real” endings on LE Kids

To find out what we did and how you could use Puppet Pals in your classroom, check out our full lesson plan.

Have you used Puppet Pals?  What did you do with it?  Share your ideas here!


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