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Game-based learning

The Curfew

In this nightmarish vision of Britain, set in 2027, citizens are required to follow strict government security measures which include staying home after 9pm – The Curfew.

Having unwittingly gained access to sensitive information that could bring down the regime, you must engage with a whole host of interesting characters and work out who to trust.


The Curfew works well with Senior Secondary learners.  Driven by a strong narrative, and rich in audio and video content with plenty of situated language, it addresses some of the “social issues” that feature in the KS4 curriculum.  It could definitely work with younger Secondary learners and Adults, too.

Some ways you could use The Curfew with your students include:

  • listening – students answer comprehension questions about the videos on the home page before playing
  • writing – students predict the characters’ stories using key words or screenshots, and then play to check or edit their ideas
  • writing – students write a walkthrough for another stage of the game
  • writing – students imagine they are one of the characters and write a first-person account of what happened to them
  • reading – students read another person’s walkthrough or account before playing and comparing it with what actually happened
  • speaking – students roleplay an interview with one of the characters about his/her life in 2027
  • speaking – students reflect on their performance in the game or discuss the issues in it.

See this student worksheet for more information.

If you’ve used The Curfew, please share your thoughts here. Did you enjoy it? Did your students enjoy it?


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Into digital game-based learning in and out of the language classroom. Follow me on Twitter: @legaladvert


2 thoughts on “The Curfew

  1. It doesn’t work:(

    Posted by Ela | November 19, 2013, 9:21 am
  2. Hi Ela. You’re right – the website seems to be down. I hope it’s fixed soon! In the meantime, why not check out some of the other digital game-based activities on this blog?

    Posted by legaladvert | November 25, 2013, 5:57 am

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