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The Curfew

In this nightmarish vision of Britain, set in 2027, citizens are required to follow strict government security measures which include staying home after 9pm – The Curfew. Having unwittingly gained access to sensitive information that could bring down the regime, you must engage with a whole host of interesting characters and work out who to … Continue reading


Not a sign in a butcher’s shop as you might expect – though every bit as badly punctuated –  TodaysMeet is a great free online chat tool that can liven up any lesson. Text-based communication can help draw out contributions from quieter students who prefer expressing themselves in writing, and it can help all learners reflect … Continue reading

Climate Challenge

Climate Challenge is a simulation game by the BBC where you, as president of Europe, have to tackle climate change while remaining popular enough to stay in your job.  Due to its text content and subject matter – the environment features heavily in the KS3 and KS4 curriculum in Hong Kong – this game is … Continue reading

Coming soon – ActivInspire

BC Hong Kong will soon be switching from ancient ActivStudio to ActivInspire, the new Interactive Whiteboard software from Promethean. Don’t worry – all the resources you’ve created using ActivStudio will run using ActivInspire. For a collection of short tutorials accessible from work or home, register for a free Promethean course, Introduction to ActivInspire. It has … Continue reading


Samorost – Czech for “to grow by yourself” – Samorost 2 and Machinarium by Amanita Design are a series of beautifully animated “escape the room”-type adventure games, ripe for exploitation in the ELT classroom with almost any age group and level.   Since there’s no text in the original game, the key to learning is in the tasks … Continue reading

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